Dallas Airport VR Tour

Google Maps

I was contacted by the Dallas Love Field airport about creating a VR tour and way finding. After some research I recommended this simple prototype. We were able to photograph the entire departure / arrival areas for a in just a few hours. Tim and I took turns moving the camera to different locations for the tour. 

Afterwards, I created a tour with Javascript, that could be embeded into HTML. This process was tedious and still needed an interface developed. Fortunately, Tim recommended panoskin. I was able to create a private prototype quickly with it. Tim Marek was able to complete the job by stitching and uploading to google. 

We received over 100k hits the first few days. This is something our client knew that the public needed and we were happy to deliver. We can't wait for the final high resolution images and way finding app to be complete. Alternatively, you can see the Google prototype here.