Dallas City Attorney

The Dallas City Attorney has been my primary job since 2006. I have been in tasked with keeping our website up to date on a daily basis. I update the design of our website yearly. Each years design has been completely different. Before I began the design I looked at every city that had a city attorney and compared it to what we were doing. I have two focus points on our website, providing the quarterly updated City codes to the public and providing an internal website to our employees. I usually submit around 5 design proposals and the attorneys will choose one. This time they chose two designs that they wanted to merge. This years final design started with a picture I took of the Dallas skyline. I imported the photo to Photoshop and traced the image with the pen tool and a ruler on the Surface Pro 3. After the skyline was drawn, I opened the Artisteer and used it to design a layout that flowed down from the City. The navigation is always the most important part to me. I feel that navigation should be as easy as possible. I am notoriously organized and so are my menus. With this design, the menu seemed to flow right off the header drawing. For the home page I used a photo of the Mr Ernst that I had previously taken to highlight his warm character. The color scheme for this design came from the colors in the tie he was wearing in the picture. I also wanted to make sure that the picture did not feel out of place on the page considering it was going to be on the home page. Next to his picture he has a short quote and then there is a division break. The bottom of the page is broken down into our three main divisions, followed by a copyrights footer. After I was satisfied with the layout, colors, navigation, and art, I exported a html, css, and js file from Artisteer so that I could demo it. Once the layout was approved I imported the Artisteer template to Dreamweaver. Once it was in Dreamweaver I created a template files that all the pages in our website can utilize.



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