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FL_ChanI honestly don't know where I would be without FL Studio. I started using Fruity Loops express in 1999. I got it when I had an electronic music production class at school. It was included with Cakewalk. That semester I struggled with learning the software. Partly because I had never really opened up a music program, and partly because I was a beginning musician. Hell, back then there wasn't any button to add an effect over your music. You had to know the algorithm. I think technology had a part to do with it as well. In class, I learned the fundamentals of midi and other relevant topics. But there was always an element missing with Cakewalk, Pro Tools, Cubase, and other software that I tried.


FL_Studio11_GraySplashNoShadow_3At home I was fidgeting with this software that boldly came with no instructions. I was enthralled by the software. Sometimes I would spend days even weeks at a time playing with the software. One day I decided to buy the full version. The software has an unbelievable free lifetime update policy. For any professional that likes to follow the rules and not pirate their software, things can get expensive. Especially if a company is constantly putting out updates. To me this was a no thought process considering I had spent several thousands of dollars on other software. Over the years it proved itself to me time and time again. It paid for itself over and over again.


Many years have passed. I earned a degree in production and went to work promptly thereafter. I have spent a lot of time professionally with FL Studio. It has been a game changer for many people. Any artist that I have talked to has used this as part of their productions. I always recommend FL Studio to anyone who is interested. I am a hardware oriented producer. I always had the proper instruments that it required to run a studio, mixers, amps, effects processors, synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and so on. But now, all you need is FL Studio. I would not have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on hardware equipment if I had known where the software was headed. At this point in time, all it really takes to make a good recording is a mic, audio interface, and FL Studio.

robot_whiteThe Software has been updating year after year. Now, all but a few of my hardware synths have gone to ebay buyers. They were replaced with the excellent plugins that FL Studio have developed. It took some time to figure out where the plugins would fit in my studio. Just like any other instrument, they had to be learned. Some of the instruments have higher learning curves than others. At some p0int (around version 8), I told myself there was not much that they could improve on. Then I learned about synth edit. I thought there was no way that FL Studio would incorporate synth edit. Then, on a new update it was included. I was totally blown away. Everything I ever imagined out of a software was delivered to me.

FLStudio_Fruit_LargeEven though I use this wonderful software to make great sounding tunes, I still bounce down stemmed tracks to a hardware sequencer to play live gigs. I started playing gigs with my brother and we decided after one of our gigs that we would start using a computer to sequence our music live. Since FL Studio was not meant for a live environment, we were ready to adopt a new way of playing live with Ableton's Live software. I knew there would be a learning curve and that would hurt my time for creative production. Then, the unthinkable happened. FL Studio announced that their platform was changing to adopt a live performance mode. My prayers had been answered. No learning curve on  Ableton, although I had been fiddling with this software for a couple of years already just in case. My dream software was complete. The ability to create my own synths, record endlessly, and play it live all with the same software. I can't wait to see what else they come up with. If you would like to buy FL Studio at a discount, I have included my affiliate link:

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