Music Mixes

My love for music is evident to anyone who knows me. I began to experiment with mixing music in my teens after making my own mixer with parts from Radio Shack. I began to DJ at clubs and started throwing my own raves and parties. Over the years my skills progressed and I became more involved with the process of recording. I opened my first recording studio in 2002 under Liquid Media Services. Since that time I have produced tons of albums for people. Clients would travel across the country to use the studio for weeks at a time. As technology advanced, I saw a decline in the consumers need for a studio like mine and closed to the public in 2010. We are currently in the process of building a new and improved studio right outside Downtown Dallas. Our grand opening should be sometime in late December. Now my studio is used for post production work in cinema, internet radio, and sound design for games.

Here are some of my works that have been back cataloged. These mixes are mostly house music, but also include some techno, trance, dub step, progressive, hip hop, and drum and bass. All radio spots were designed by me. For my more recent work, please visit Villa Koola Radio. All copy written works are property of their owner and have been sponsored by: