Rob and Preston at KVIA ABC Channel 7

I had fun working at KVIA. I didn't keep much of the work that I did there for my portfolio. This is just about any evidence that I ever worked there. Every day working there was an absolute joy. I was a production assistant for about a year when I interned. Once I was hired, I worked as the Master Controller. If you don't know what that is, it's basically the guy who runs all the videos for the station when they aren't on the news. I recorded all the feeds from NY and ran them back an hour later. That being said, I also had to run the studio cameras, record traffic, and edit videos (usually at the last minute). Occasionally we would do creative things and this video was one of my favorite. Rob was a big roll model for me. I really appreciated his direction and knowledge. We worked together to produce his skit for the Mexican Standoff.

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