Studio Console Design

The Build

My design was partly taken from my old studio design with multiple side cabinets on each side of a desk. I used 3/4" MDF for the console body. The rack sides were made with cut pieces of a 6' network rack. Behr black paint was applied to all the pieces. The purpose was to contain the equipment all in one console that was easy to move. The main desktop was double layered for an overall 1.5" thick which provided additional strength. It was all held together by four 3/8" bolts. I made all new connections with Neutrik 1/4 balanced and unbalanced audio cables. After a few months of testing, we moved it and re-calibrated it for the Villa Koola Radio station.

Equipment list:
Sequencers: Akai MPC 1000, Roland MC-909, Roland MC-303, Yamaha AN200
Synthesizers: Roland JP 8080, Korg MS2000r, Korg EA1, E-MU XL-7, Roland XP-30
Midi / Timing: Motu Timepiece, 2 x M-Audio Midisport
Effects: Electrix Warp Factory, Repeater, MoFX, Filter Queen, EQ Killer, Ibanez Reverb, Behringer Virtualizer Pro, Ultragain, DBX Sonic Maximizer, Alesis Compressor, Pioneer FX, 2 x Behringer PX 3000, PX 2000, Neutrik patch
Controllers: Korg NanoKontrol 2, 2 x NanoKontrol, Novation Launchpad, ShuttleXpress, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Wacom Intuos 9
Mixing: Focusrite Saphire Pro, Avid C400, Alesis Mulitimix 16 Firewire, Pioneer DJM-3000, Denon DNX-100, Rolls Stereo Line Mixer, 2 x Technics SL-1200M3D
Recording: HP Z820, Surface Pro 4, Tascam SSCDR200, Tascam 32b

Audio Calibration

M-Audio BX8a pair and a BX10 sub were the speaker of choice for the main mixing. Additional RCA flat response monitors with an Alesis amp were tested. Room calibration was done with Room EQ Wizard and the UMIK-1. For proper calibration, I recorded measurements for before and after acoustic treatment. I made a custom diffuser in a skyline pattern composed of 2" x 8" - 2" x 2" pine mounted directly behind the engineer. Acoustic absorbers were made with 2"x24"x48" fiberglass composite sheets wrapped with black cotton. To reduce side reflection, 1" and 2" foam diffuse panels were added to the walls near the monitors.

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