Where There’s Smoke Podcast

I usually design and program my own responsive web sites and user interfaces. Having the power to program in several different languages is invaluable. Sometimes designers come to me to get their design programmed into a website. This was a site where the customers wanted a custom theme for their Wordpress. They did the right thing and got a designer to give them a great look. When the designer asked me to program the theme, I discovered that the customers had a Wordpress but were not utilizing the power of the blog for their podcasts. I used a lot of CSS, HTML5, and PHP programming on this website. I used Notepad, Themeler, and Dreamweaver to write the code. I am familiar with many different types of systems, but Wordpress as a CMS is my strongest and most developed skill.



In depth

In order for me to deliver a pixel by pixel transfer I use a 4K monitor with a t-square. The monitor is on a setup where I can turn it on it's side to align designs vertically. I align a browser window and the Themeler window using the t-square. This allows me to make sure I have an accurate representation of the design inside the browser. This side by side operation has been years and years of me developing a system for me to make the best use of my tools. I have spent the last ten years specifically designing large scale systems with Wordpress with end user in mind. I can develop a Wordpress as a business system for my clients and deliver it to them with enough confidence that the system will never fail. Wordpress has enough video tutorials for me to not worry about creating a tutorial on how to work every feature of the sytem. Sometimes I will deliver websites with tutorials, but this one did not require that. Some websites require regular maintenance which I highly recommend, especially for a Wordpress.