Where There’s Smoke

Wordpress Development

Designed for audio blog posts.

 Pixel Perfect Responsive

Design by Ricky Roe, developed by me.

Custom Applications

Development of custom widgets and functions.

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Development process


Designed by Ricky Roe, I was contracted to develop this design into a Wordpress for Where There's Smoke, by Brett Gajda and Nick Jawarski. Development started with the art delivered in Photoshop. He also delivered a mock up in Invision that gave a good representation of how it should operate.


The clients wanted functionality that isn't built into the core of Wordpress. I devised a system on how to deliver their regular content and have them use plugins for featured content on the same page. I was able to develop some custom modals, widgets, and CSS animations.


I used Themler to place the art elements for the design in PHP / HTML5 / CSS. Since Themler allows for custom scripting, very little was done outside of the program in Adobe Dreamweaver. I tested it with PC, Mac OS, IOS,  and Android. It runs great on all devices with little load times.